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Are you looking for a more convenient way to have accessible water at all times? Here at Primo, we offer a range of solutions for homes, businesses and any other space where fresh drinking water is essential. Primo’s range of products is designed with flexibility in mind and is suitable for any environment and usage required of them. We understand that although functionality is essential, aesthetics are important too. Primo products have been created to complement and enhance the environment in which they are placed, while taking up minimal space. Whether you are looking for a solution to put in your home kitchen for your family to have healthy fresh water whenever they need it or you are looking for a reliable system for a large office with thousands of employees, Primo’s water products are exactly what you need.


Primo offers a range of innovative solutions to provide you with fresh spring water whenever you need it. From water dispensers to pumps and bottled spring water, you can get everything you need in one place! One of Primo’s most popular products is the water dispensers, ideal for offices and home use. We appreciate aesthetics are important too, which is why we have created dispensers in a smart black and silver design so they will look great no matter where you place them. All you need is a small space and a plug socket to get your water cooler up and running. From pump and dispensers to water and accessories, Primo is all about reliability, quality, and great value!


Start enjoying the benefits of our Primo products today! We are passionate about creating quality products that are reliable and durable, carefully designed to withstand the test of time. With Primo, not only can you count on having a reliable and durable product, but you can enjoy long-term savings. You will find that these are cost-effective solutions for both homes and offices that allow you to reap the benefits of having healthy water always to hand without the cost and nuisance of buying bottled water and carrying them from the shop. Great product, great water, great savings!.


Customer care is at the heart of our business and filters through to our products and services. Our goal is to bring you an easier, more efficient way to have fresh spring water to hand at all times. Our well-being and health are important and it starts with being properly hydrated every day.