About Us

Primo Water Corporation is one of the world's leading single source providers of water dispensers, multi-gallon/ litre purified bottled water, and self-service refill drinking water. Using our extensive experience across Europe we have developed a leading range of water dispensers, water coolers and water pumps, now available for you to purchase online.

Handpicked for usability; functionality and durability each product offers an easy to use, cost effective way to dispense and enjoy fresh bottled PRIMO Spring water whether at home relaxing, or outside enjoying your favourite leisure activity. Our specially selected Primo 10L bottled spring water (sold in packs of two) provides our customers with a cost-effective; high-quality solution for use with all our dispensers, bottled water coolers and pumps. Delivered direct to your home, for absolute convenience.

Help protect the environment - Choose Primo

At Primo we are committed to protecting the environment and have been a corporate pioneer in sustainability for many years. We strongly believe that climate change is in everyone’s hands and that we need to act through our everyday actions. As one of Europe’s leading brands and suppliers of water coolers; water dispensers, water pumps and spring water, we have always had a philosophy that is committed to the environment.

This commitment involves reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. As part of our CarbonNeutral company status, we purchase the equivalent amount of green power to match our electricity consumption in the form of European Guarantees of Origin (GOs), that certify the origin of our electricity is from a renewable source.

As we continue to challenge ourselves further, we have partnered with our delivery suppliers to further minimise the environmental impact of our equipment. This is achieved by offsetting the carbon costs for the delivery of the products you purchase and further still, we offset the carbon costs of production too.

Water is a gift of nature and we firmly believe that to protect it is a key responsibility. We are proud to provide water to our customers in an environmentally friendly manner and to be one of Europe’s largest CarbonNeutral water services company.