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Water Coolers in Glasgow for sale

  • Primo is dedicated to bringing high quality drinking water to homes and offices all over the UK. With an eye on aesthetics, Primo’s water coolers are smart, functional and easy to use. Once they arrive, you can have them up and running in a matter of minutes, so you can start enjoying mineral-rich drinking water right away!
  • Our effortless online ordering system and secure payment, allows you to place an order in just a few minutes and your water cooler will be on its way in no time. On top of our exceptional products and services, we are proud to be a sustainability pioneer in the corporate world as one of the best water service companies in Europe.


Home and office water coolers in Glasgow

Why choose Primo as your water service provider? Having easy access to drinking water with the right balance of minerals helps us feel energized and focuses, maximizing our productivity both at work and at home. At Primo, our priority is to bring top quality water to as many people as possible.


As one of the leading providers of water coolers in Europe, you can count on Primo to supply you with the best products for your home or office in Glasgow, at fantastic prices! Our customers are always delighted with our service and the support they receive from our dedicated team.

How we deliver bottled water coolers in Glasgow

Our top-notch delivery service cover all areas of Glasgow, the city centre and suburbs like Hawkhead, Giffnock or Carmyle. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive it in just 3 to 5 working days, regardless of where your home or office is located in Glasgow.


Maximize your savings further by take advantage of our special delivery offer, completely free with all orders over £100.

We bring you our bottled water coolers to Glasgow´s sorroundings as well: Rutherglen, Bishopbriggs, Finniestone, and much more.