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Welcome to Primo, the ultimate destination for all your bottled water needs. We believe that water is not just a thirst quencher but also a vital element for a healthy lifestyle. With our wide range of premium bottled water coolers and bottled water, including our refreshing Primo Spring Water, we ensure that you have access to the purest and most revitalising hydration possible.

When it comes to maintaining optimal health, water plays a crucial role. Our bodies are composed of approximately 60% water and staying hydrated is essential for the proper functioning of various bodily systems. By choosing our Spring Water, you are choosing a natural source of hydration that goes beyond mere satisfaction. Spring Water is derived from underground springs, offering a crisp, clean taste that invigorates your senses and replenishes your body.


Whether you are an athlete seeking optimal performance, a health-conscious individual striving for a balanced lifestyle, or simply someone who appreciates the refreshing taste of pure water, our Primo bottled Spring Water is the perfect choice. Embrace the goodness of nature's gift and experience the revitalising benefits of our premium bottled Spring Water. Make a healthy choice today and quench your thirst with Primo water.

What sets our Primo Spring Water apart is its exceptional purity and quality. The water is sourced from protected underground springs in the hills surrounding the 7,000 acres Fonthill Bishop Estate in Wiltshire. It is naturally filtered through limestone rock and has a light, refreshing taste.

Our 10L Primo bottles are perfect for residential and office use. Their lighter weight makes them easier to lift and position on your water cooler and their compact design makes storage so much easier in the home. We try and deliver all orders within 3 working days. Our water bottles are easy to set up and can be easily fixed to a water cooler dispenser thanks to the non-spill system.


How long will it take for my bottles to arrive? We deliver our products in 3 to 5 working days from the moment the purchase has been confirmed. We also offer you the option of selecting a delivery date that suits you. How much does water cost? it is a very affordable price you can have 2 bottled spring water of 10L each, both for only £11.99. Is the water safe? Absolutely! Primo water comes from a natural spring in Wiltshire and is rich in minerals. It has been tested and proven to be excellent drinking water: just what you need to complement a healthy lifestyle.


Primo Water Corporation is a leading provider of water dispensers, bottled water and other related products. Our priority is to provide you our customers with high quality, reliable and durable products at affordable prices. We believe that providing safe and healthy natural spring water to homes and businesses is an important step in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Everybody should have access to clean and safe drinking water to ensure their overall well-being.

Interested in a scheduled, returnable water delivery service then please contact us for more information