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Bottled water is becoming the preferred choice for large office and small businesses since they are practical, safe, and cost-effective. They are equally handy in domestic households. Individuals and families who are health conscious opt for bottled water for daily consumption to ensure their body is getting all the water it needs, in a practical and cost-effective way. Plan the deliveries as they fit you best. All you have to do is order and enjoy quality fresh natural spring water with no extra effort.


We know how difficult it can be to locate suitable water bottles for your water cooler and dispenser, especially when looking for quality, at a great price. At Primo we are water cooler experts and have supplied water dispenser solutions for many years. We are certain that we have the solution to meet your needs. The quality of the water The quality of our water is one of our highest priorities. We source our water from a historic protected source in the hills surrounding the 7,000 acres Fonthill Bishop Estate in Wiltshire. The water is naturally filtered through limestone rock and has a light, refreshing taste. The perfect bottle Our 10L Primo bottles are perfect for residential use. Their lighter weight makes them easier to lift and position on your water cooler and their compact design makes storage so much easier in the home. We try and deliver all orders within 3 working days. Easy set up Our water bottles can be fixed quickly and easily to a water cooler dispenser, thanks to the non-spill system.


As a leading company in the industry, Primo prides itself in offering pure spring water to promote a healthy lifestyle. When you chose Primo as your water supplier, you can be sure to receive a quality product along with a top-notch service at an extremely reasonable price. We are passionate about what we do and are always looking for ways to go above and beyond. So why choose our bottled water for coolers? Because it´s healthy for mind and body,cost-effective and has a great taste.


How long will it take for my bottles to arrive? We deliver our products in 3 to 5 working days from the moment the purchase has been confirmed. We also offer you the option of selecting a delivery date that suits you. How much does water cost? it is a very affordable price you can have 2 bottled spring water of 10L each, both for only £11.99. Is the water safe? Absolutely! Primo water comes from a natural spring in Wiltshire and is rich in minerals. It has been tested and proven to be excellent drinking water: just what you need to complement a healthy lifestyle.


Primo Water Corporation is a worldwide leading provider of water dispensers, bottled water and other related products. Our priority is to provide top quality, reliable and durable products at affordable prices. We believe that providing safe and healthy natural spring water to homes and businesses is an important step in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Everybody should have access to clean and safe drinking water for ensure their overall well-being. At Primo, we care about our customers and their satisfaction, which is why we try to be as flexible as possible. Our reliable delivery service bring our products straight to your door so you don’t need to worry about carrying heavy bottles or machinery.