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Drinking water from an Office water cooler

Find water Coolers in London. Discover the perfect machine for your space and free water delivery all over London.

  • Primo is your trusted water cooler supplier in London! Improve comfort in the workspace with Primo spring water. Our high-quality products will ensure your workforce gets the hydration they need every single day
  • We also deliver all over London to your office or your home. Our water coolers are designed for an easy setup, so you can start enjoying the best drinking water right away.


Water cooler in Liverpool at the best price

Primo is the full package! Not only do we provide durable quality products that you can rely on long-term, we also offer unbeatable prices. We understand that as a business, it is important to find the most cost-effective solutions, and we are proud to bring you great products at a great price!


On top of our competitive prices and our convenience twin pack of bottled water, we are also pleased to offer free delivery on all orders of £100 or over, so you can save even more with larger orders. This also means that all our bottle-fed water coolers come with free delivery.

Water delivery in Liverpool

We deliver all over Liverpool and the North of England; no matter where you are, Primo will bring your order to your doorstep safely and swiftly. That's why Primo is the most convenient option for those large and small businesses seeking a trusted spring water supplier. They know they can rely on us for top quality products and an excellent service.


Our team work around the clock to get your water cooler and naturally filtered water to your office or home, going above and beyond to ensure every single customer is a Primo.

We bring you our bottled water coolers to Liverpool´s sorroundings as well: Everton, Bootle, Garston and much more.