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Have you thought about buying your own home water cooler? It’s very convenient all year round and particularly useful during the hotter months. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include: 


  • Maximum hydration. A Primo water dispenser for home will be the key for you to maintain hydrated and prevent some minor ilnesses such as constipation, headaches or tiredness.
  • Improves health and well-being at home. With a Primo home water dispenser, you will have safe spring water, and rich in minerals.
  • Reduces environmental impact by reducing plastic waste. Primo's domestic water coolers are the way to reduce plastic polution, because you'll buy less plastic bottles.
  • Save space, time and money. Less bottles and more mineral and pure water in one product: the Primo home water dispenser.
  • Convenient for the whole family. Encouraging to drink more. One click on Primo home water dispenser and your family will have the high quality and fresh water.


What type of bottled water dispenser should I choose for my home?

Your choice of home water dispenser should bring together all the perfect characteristics to offer a great service in your home. Here are some points that you should pay attention before buying a domestic water cooler:

This means that you’ll need to find a water dispenser with
good functions at a fair price to suit your family budget. 

You’ll also need a dispenser with the right dimensions for your space, offering a practical appliance for family use. The good news is that all our water coolers are very easy to maintain and clean – making whichever model you choose a safe bet.

Select the best water dispenser for your home with the design in mind. Primo Water Corporation has two versions of water coolers with dark tones, and will suits perfectly at any house.

Home water cooler, combined with PRIMO bottled water

The PRIMO bottled-water cooler is an excellent option for your home, as it has been specially designed for residential use and small offices. These are bottled water coolers and water dispensers that offer a quick and hassle-free way to provide clean, fresh water with an excellent taste to your whole family, friends and visitors.

Our machines are delivered with everything you need to enjoy fresh spring water, whenever you need it. All you need to install the cooler is floor space, a household electric socket and, of course, some Primo bottled water. Installation instructions are provided, and our customer-service team will be available in case of any problems.


PRIMO are one of the main international providers of water dispensers, purified bottled water and self-service refill drinking water. Making use of our wide experience across Europe, we have developed a leading range of water coolers  and pumps (manual and rechargeable water pumps) – which you can now buy securely online, in total convenience!

Our priority is to provide top-quality, reliable, and durable products at affordable prices. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust Primo to provide you with the best water dispensers for home in the UK and the best accessories: water pumps, cups, etc.