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Water bottle pump dispensers allow you to instantly refresh yourself, hassle free. Water is obtained directly from a bottle – in a practical and simple way. All you must do is use the pump to fill your glass, adjusting it to the desired size.

The pump attaches to the mouth of the container, with the dispenser sitting on top of the bottle. Now, all you need to do is start it up to enjoy a glass of water. We offer both automatic water pumps and manual pumps – a great option thanks to the practicality and functionality it offers.

The automatic bottle pump will enable you to then fill up a glass or bottle with the touch of a button.


The compability: Our bottle pumps are compatible with a wide variety of containers, whether it's for drums, tanks, or bottles. It also comes with an adapter that adjusts to the size of the bottle’s mouth and ensures stable and secure mounting to avoid any movement. 

Easy to use: With the Primo water bottle pump, all you need to do is press the switch to dispense water and control the amount of water you want.

Battery life: The battery of our bottled water pumps is long-lasting and can be charged via USB. Please note: This product is produced from high-quality materials, with resistant stainless steel and weighs light enough to be transported wherever you go.

Primo water bottle pumps are ideal for daily use at home and in offices thanks to how easy to use it is. If you’re interested, visit our Home Water Coolers or Office Water Coolers.



What kind of bottles can be used with these types of bottled water pumps?

Different types of drums, tanks and bottles can be used – both in small and large volumes. The dispenser comes with a special adapter to fit any format.


Is it easy to clean?


Yes, our water bottle pump can be easily cleaned.


How long does the battery last?


The batteries will last for five or six 8-litre drums of water.


Is it easy to use? Can children or the elderly operate it?


Yes, it’s not complicated at all. Both children and the elderly can use our bottle pump, as it requires no effort and is very easy to operate.


Is it easy to transport if I want to travel?


The water bottle pump weighs just 0.5 kg, making it very light – with a reduced size that allows it to be transported wherever you need to go.


How do I buy a water bottle pump?


Once you’ve completed your purchase on the website, the pump water dispenser will be shipped to your home – quickly and securely.



We at PRIMO are the main international providers of water dispensers, purified bottled water and drinking water and bottled water pumps in the UK. We offer quality products that guarantee the best performance and maximum safety. Our only goal is your convenience and well-being.