Water Dispensers

Select the water dispenser that suits your needs. We have a variety of products that will maintain your family and your team hydrated.
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Enjoy the benefits of your own drinking water dispenser

Water dispensers are becoming increasingly common in shops, offices, businesses, and private homes. They’re perfect for offering fresh, pure bottled water to workers and customers, or to be enjoyed at home by the whole family. Look at the main advantages of purchasing a water dispenser:

  • It’s more affordable and convenient than buying small bottle of water from the shops. Purchasing small bottles of water can be expensive and cumbersome when it comes to transporting large packs home. What’s more, the use of bottled water vending machines in businesses can be unattractive, with bottled water dispensers offering a better image.
  • A water dispenser also contributes to general well-being – helping you to avoid dehydration, dizziness, and headaches.
  • It’s more convenient to transport, and replacing the botted water is simple.
  • Our bottled water dispensers offer both chilled and Ambient or hot and chilled water, perfect for when you want a cold glass of water or if you need hot water to make a cup of tea without a kettle or microwave.

What type of bottled water dispenser should I choose?

There are several options for choosing your water dispenser:

    • Manual or automatic

      With a manual or automatic water dispenser, you will have instant access to freshwater. But there is a difference: the automatic option has buttons that detect the user’s hands, and normally dispense the amount of water you need. The manual option requires a few manual taps to fulfill your glass.

    • Countertop or floorstanding


  • With hot, cold and ambient-water temperature options

    With hot, cold and ambient-water temperature options The water dispensers have many temperature options and it’s ideal for all kinds of people: for the ones who like cold water or for the ones that appreciate drinking hot tea. It’s up to you to choose a right water dispenser to your preferences.

No matter which you choose, bottled water dispensers provide great-tasting water that offers a host of beneficial properties for your health.

Quality spring water for your water dispenser in the UK

At PRIMO, we provide spring water for water dispensers. Water derived from a historic spring located in the county of Wiltshire, a spring famous for its light and refreshing taste, as well as its balanced mineral content.

What’s more, PRIMO makes use of recyclable bottles produced from 30% rPET, securely packaged in pairs and delivered straight to your home.

Benefits of buying a water dispenser

Buying a water dispenser have a lot of advantages, especially if you buy an automatic. We explain why:

  • With a manual or automatic water dispenser you will always save water. With any of them, you can fill a glass of a bottle without waste. We know that without water dispensers, some water falls into the floor.
  • You will save money. There is no need to buy more plastic water bottles. Buy a water dispenser and you will have the amount of water that you need every day.
  • It’s easy to buy a water dispenser. Just click on the water dispenser that you prefer, add it to the shopping cart, fill the form with your data and receive the water dispenser at the address that you will indicate.


PRIMO Water Corporation is one of the largest water dispenser providers in the UK.

Our experience has helped us develop the range on our site and offering you water dispensers and pumps, with the option to buy online. What’s more, our company also stands out as a leader in the sector by offering easy-to-use and cost-effective bottled water on a scheduled delivery service.

We are already changing kitchens in homes and offices with the best water dispensers in UK, and at long term we will change the way people drink water sustainably. Check all the water dispensers for offices and home water dispensers available on our website.