Mini Water Dispenser

Compact Mini Water Dispenser ideal for homes, offices and waiting rooms. Its compact size conveniently sits on a table or kitchen countertop and dispenses water at room temperature. No batteries or electricity required. Easy to use and cheap to maintain.
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  • FRESH WATER DISPENSER - The Mini water dispenser delivers fresh water at room temperature.EASY TO USE - Enjoy fresh water at the touch of a button
  • EASY INSTALLATION - The dispenser can be conveniently placed on a table top or on a wooden stand It does not consume electricity and you can enjoy immediate access to fresh water
  • BOTTLE COMPATIBILITY: 10L, 11L, 15L, 18.5L and 18.9L bottles.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: No electricity or batteries required
  • HYGIENIC - Easy to clean and maintain, simply place in the dishwasher to cleanse
  • COLOUR – Smart White Ceramic, clean and fresh
  • DIMENSIONS: 26cm x 26cm x 67 cm.
  • WEIGHT: 3.6 kg
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