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Drinking water from an Office water cooler


Save space. There are a lot of advantages when you acquire one of our water machines for offices. We enlist some of them:
Thanks to their design, office water dispensers take up very little space. What’s more, you won’t need to pay for individual small bottles of water for your employees, as a water dispenser offers all the water they need.

Improve your working environment and employee performance. An office water dispenser offers employees hydration when they need it. Hydrated employees are more productive. You could also save energy as they will no longer need a fridge to keep bottles cool in.

High-quality water and more options to enjoy it. Thanks to the properties of mineral water, employees can improve their health through the consumption of good quality water. As well as quality spring and mineral water, we can also deliver bottled water, biodegradable cups, water pumps, and other Primo products to your office.

What Type of Office Water Dispenser Should I Choose?

While choosing an office water cooler, you need to bear in mind the space required for its installation and its capacity in litres to supply your entire team. It is possible that you might need more than one. Our water dispensers for offices also come with both hot/cold or ambient/cold temperature options. So it's best you determine which model best suits your office space and then make a decision.  You can pick from two floorstanding models with dark tones. Our water coolers for offices are suitable for all types of workplaces: offices, healthcare, gymnasiums and Spa and many others.

How Can I Purchase an Office Water Cooler?

Once you’ve browsed through our selection of water machines for offices and made up your mind on which cooler best fits your needs, simply add it to your cart and provide us with your shipping details. Following this, we will send the water cooler to your building.

Primo Spring Water Coolers for Offices

If you opt to purchase a water dispenser for your office, we recommend using our pure spring water, an affordable option which comes in a pack of two 10L recyclable bottles. These bottles are produced with 30% RPET, offer a natural and refreshing taste, and improve health thanks to the top-notch quality. 


Primo Water Corporation is the main provider of water coolers in the UK and our products are designed to be long-lasting, and easy to use for any member of your team. Not only available for offices, but you can also choose home water dispensers: ideal to maintain families' hydrates.

At PRIMO we are experts in providing our customers with everything their company needs to maintain maximum hydration during working hours, thanks to our professional water dispensers.We are at your disposal for any queries, as well as to provide any information you need about our water machines for offices and any other information needed.